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Wind River Tribal Court Pro Se Forms

The following forms (pdf) are provided by the Wind River Tribal Court to assist self-represented litigants.

Accounting and Final Report
Acknowledgment of Paternity
Affidavit Certifying Appraisement
Affidavit of Distribution
Affidavit of Indigency
Affidavit for Protection Order
Affidavit - Request for Publication of Legal Notice
Annual Accounting
Answer to Civil Complaint
Application for Appeal
Application for Entry of Default
Application for Order of Custody
Attorney Application to Practice in Tribal Court
Blank Affidavit
Civil Complaint
Civil Complaint for Eviction
Computation of Administration Fees
Consent to Adoption
Divorce Modification
Inventory and Appraisement
Joint Petition for Divorce
Letter of Administration
List of Known Relatives
Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis
Motion for Sentence Reduction
Notice of Revocation
Notice of Termination
Notice to Creditors
Notice to Quit
Oath of Administration
Oath of Guardianship
Oath to Practice Before Tribal Court
Petition for Administration of Estate
Petition for Adoption
Petition for Custody
Petition for Divorce - No Minor Children
Petition for Divorce with Children
Petition for Emancipation
Petition for Expungement of Record
Petition for Foreign Judgment
Petition for Hearing on Guardianship
Petition for Name Change
Petition for Order Establishing Paternity
Petition for Termination of Parental Rights
Petition to Appoint Guardian
Petition to Modify Divorce Decree
Power of Attorney
Property Agreement
Release of Information for Custody
Request for Bond Reimbursement
Request for Final Judgment
Request for Information - Civil and Criminal
Request for Setting
Request to Perform Marriage Ceremony
Request to Take Non-Attorney Exam
Response for Divorce
Summons for Divorce
Voluntary Custody Agreement
Waiver of Fees
Ward Inventory and Appraisement


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